When I get an accepted offer for my buyers A-Team Home Inspections is always my next call. Greg has consistently returned calls same day, and made inspection appointments ASAP to maximize my clients timeline to make a non rushed decision on the purchase of their biggest investment. My favorite quality about Greg’s work is that he is willing to have the buyer right there by his side while he is conducting his inspection. Not only does this show his confidence in his accuracy and efficiency, but his willingness to educate the new buyer on the ins and outs, goods and bads of their potential new home. Greg is not only thorough in his work but following up with the report within 24 hours has always been a major bonus for my clients. A-Team Home Inspections is definitely on my A list.

-Chris Garfield

Chris Garfield

Greg and A-Team Home Inspections have become an integral part of our client services. His responsiveness, attention to detail and thorough understanding of the building process has enabled our clients to enter into what could be one of the largest purchases of their lives with “eyes wide open”. His ability to explain things clearly and concisely makes it easy for our clients to make good decisions…..a definite PLUS in this busy real estate market!

Paula Hixson

GRI, Principal Real Estate Broker
Hillsboro Market Center Office

Hattie Hixson

Real Estate Broker
Hillsboro Market Center Office

Paula & Hattie

Greg and the A-Team provide our clients with thorough, detailed and informative reports.  Because of his investigative approach to home inspections and his attention to detail, my clients always feel secure knowing which repairs to have done prior to moving in and also knowing exactly how to maintain their new home once they’ve moved in.

– Kirra Krussman & Dirk Knudsen

Kirra & Dirk

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